A Mother's Discovery of Reactive Attachment Disorder

Mother discovers RAD @ www.Relavate.org

A Mother's Discovery of Reactive Attachment Disorder

This is about a mother’s story of she and her husband’s discovery of Reactive Attachment Disorder. Her story is familiar to hundreds of families. It was very familiar to my wife and to me.

Allison and her family are friends of ours. Their experiences they have with their adopted son is very similar with the experience we have had with our adopted daughter. I’m so grateful they found the help they have needed through good friends and through The Institute for Attachment and Development.

Take a look at her story by clicking the button below. If the challenges she has faced sounds like your story, seek out viable help. You can contact me or check out some of the links below. If you know of a family who is struggling with a child and do not know what to do, feel free to share this story with them.

Some Resources

Links for help:

Institute for Attachment and Development

Attachment Trauma Network

Karyn Purvis Institute for Child Development

Beyond Consequences Institute

Relavate Counseling Ministry

Excellent books:

Reactive Attachment Disorder by Keri Williams

Dare to Love by H. Forbes

The Connected Child by K. Purvis, D. Cross, and W. Sunshine