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Your child is an awesome and amazing creation of God!

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Do you view your child as an awesome and amazing creation of God? You should.

How do you view your child?

Do you think of your little one as your mini-me? Perhaps you see him as a tiny adult in need of education? Maybe you consider her as a someone who needs so much time, attention and costs so much to maintain? Or you think first and foremost that your child is a little sinner who needs training and punishment to make him into a well-behaved person? If you were to ask your friends, peers, relatives or others how they look upon their child you would undoubtedly hear many different perspectives.

However, the Bible tells us the story of humanity’s origins, which has much to say to us who are parents. The Bible starts with God’s incredible and beautiful work of creation. In five days God created everything in the universe and all that is earth. God’s creation declares the glory of God. On the sixth day, God made the human creature, a very special creature that reflects the glory of God. The man and woman model and mirror God. As a special creature, you are the visible representation and manifestation of God on earth. So is your child. God starts with this incredible fact and this is the first thing we should think about when we think of our child. He or she is an awesome and amazing creation of God.

In what ways? What does this mean?

Your son or daughter is very special to God. S/he is unique, has dignity and value and is worthy of respect. God has certain attributes that are given to your little one who is made in his image. Here is an overview of what they are:

  • God is a Spirit – Your child is spiritual. S/he has a soul and has the spiritual ability to relate with and know God.

  • God is Triune – God is One but with three persons. They are in unity with each other but they are also a perfect community of intimate relationships. Your child is made for relationships and community.

  • God is personal – Each child is an individual and unique person.

  • God is All-knowing - Your child was made to be an inquisitive scientist to know truth, gain knowledge, and acquire wisdom.

  • God is Morally Pure - Your son or daughter was created to be holy, act justly, and live righteously.

  • God is All-powerful - Your child is given the executive ability to do things.

  • God is Love -  You young one thrives on love and has a great capacity to love God and to love others.

Value your child and treat him or her with great respect

Since God sees your son or daughter as an awesome, amazing creature he has specially made in order to model and reflect who he is, then this ought to be our starting point when we think about our child.

Think about it

Consider the implications of this biblical truth for you as a parent. What difference can this make or will this make in your relationship with you child?

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