Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the main questions people are asking. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.  

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who are you?

I'm Dr. Don Owsley, the founder and main counselor at With over twenty years as a pastor, pastoral counselor, and a certified biblical counselor, I bring a wealth of experience, training, and biblical wisdom to your table.  All this and more can help you map out a clear direction for your parenting and relational journey.


What can you do for me?

Relavate means "relate in order to elevate." That's the whole point: to help you and your family relationships flourish.  We focus on you as a parent and your children's dynamics in order to find ways to resolve family challenges. 

Along with counseling, we offer relevant posts, articles, book recommendations, Bible studies, courses, and seminars. 



do you have a support group?

Yes, we do! If you have a Facebook account, you can find our closed support group at Relavate Families. This is a safe place for Christian parents and grandparents to discuss and share challenges, concerns, prayers, praises, and questions about family life. Our ultimate purpose is to please God and elevate family relationships in order to flourish. We seek to do this through mutual advice, encouragement, insights, and offering hope from a biblical integration of faith and practice.