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5 Unselfish Qualities of True Love for Your Child

5 qualities of true love for my child

5 Unselfish Qualities of True Love for Your Child is from 1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible.  As you might know, this is called the love chapter.  The point of the chapter is how God's people ought to relate with one, which is primarily in Christ through love.

However, the qualities of a loving relationship also apply to Christian families.  This obviously includes how parents ought to love their children and in turn, how children love their parents and siblings.  These qualities are the standards but are not applied like checklist rules.  They flow from the mercy and grace of Christ.  They are also the fruit of a Spirit-led parent and child. 

A Prayer to Truly Love My Child

Dear Father, I pray that I would become more and more like Christ, filled with a heart of genuine love for You and for my family. Give me power to love in my speech, for love to be at the center of all we know, and that love would be the source of our faith. By grace give me daily patience. Make me demonstrably kind. Keep me from bragging. Eradicate my pride and replace it with Christ's life. Keep me from being rude and self-seeking. Remove from me any hot temper. Purge my mind of any registries of sins I might be keeping against my child. Please help me not to dwell on those sins. Empower me so that I would be repulsed at unrighteousness but delight in good things. May I always rejoice in truth.

Lord, may I always have a heart to protect my child's dignity, life, reputation and soul.  Enable me to always put things and my child in a positive light (unless of course there is evidence to the contrary). By your Spirit help me persevere in my love for my child and family, for your pleasure until the end. In Jesus' name. Amen. (from 1 Corinthians 13)


Need help loving one another?

If you feel frustrated in your family relationships or you do not understand why you are not experiencing these love qualities, contact us today.  We will do what we can to assist you find resolutions to your challenges.

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