ThanksLiving: Help in Tangible Ways

toddler boy helping little girl

Help in tangible ways

Seeing an area of need where you can step in to offer legitimate aid is a sweet token of appreciation.  Just make sure it will be of  genuine value. 

I recall a time when we were painting our house. My wife asks which of the many houses we’ve owned did we not paint?  All right, at the one house about which I’m thinking, a few people volunteered to help. One person could have been a professional house painter. The way he cut in and trimmed along the ceiling, or danced his roller along the walls was masterful.  The other person was not so talented. Sincere and happy to help, but talent could not even describe it. Let’s just say that she was as adept as a toddler slapping paint on the walls.  Though one could say it was the thought that counted, it took more than thought to clean up or redo that abstract work.

Be attentive to the needs of the one you wish to help. If you’re not sure, then simply ask. After you find out, be intentional but not too pushy, and set up a time to help them.


Here are five tangible ways:

1. Perhaps you like to cook? Making double portions of your meal and sharing your supper is a great way to help.  Don’t like to cook?  Then swing by a deli, put together a meal and deliver it.

2.Volunteer to do a chore for them. Especially if it is something you are good at.


3.Work together on a project he or she needs done.

4. Take them shopping or do the shopping for them and drop off their items.

5. Do something for them that you have the skill or talent to do, but they cannot do.  Things like auto repair, installing a new garbage disposal, or repairing a sentimental piece of furniture.

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