How to Appreciate Genuinely

How to appreciate genuinely

How can you appreciate genuinely

 People want to know that they are valued and appreciated. Many social scientists say that people not only want it, but need to have the assurance they are valued, known, and appreciated. 


What are a few ways to show appreciation?

1. Tell how much you appreciate her, but remember to give specific examples of her good qualities, wonderful talents, or valuable skills.  Be honest. Most people can read insincerity, which will turn any act of appreciation into something quite sour. 


2. Give them a genuine smile. As Dolly Parton reputedly said, “If they don’t have a smile, then give them yours.”


3. Tell them how blessed you are to know them, and give them a few examples of what you mean.


4. Offer a warm embrace; or if they are not the hugging type then a solid handshake or gentle touch on their elbow while giving them kind words.


5. Pick some random day and have a celebration of their life. 

What are some ways you show genuine appreciation for your spouse, friend, family member, neighbor or workmate?